13 Best Sporty (but Still Really Cute) Sunglasses for Outdoor Workouts in 2019

Aside from wearing lots and lots of sunscreen and lightweight jackets (or no jacket at all!) now’s the time to break out another classic warm weather staple—sunglasses. While tiny sunglasses had a major moment last season, right now, sporty sunglasses are all the rage and my new go to (and not just because I’m on #TeamSELF). I’m all about multi-purpose products, and these type of sunglasses are the perfect blend of function and fashion—which is essential when I’m trying to crush a workout all the way around.

I love a good pair of fashion glasses as much as the next person (you should see my stash), but since they’re not designed to work with a sweaty face or intense sunlight, they’re not always practical to wear during a workout. In legit sport sunglasses, I never have to stop to adjust my frames, and can easily transition from an outdoor workout to an outdoor restaurant table without skipping a beat.

I basically feel like a superhero from the future whenever mine grace my face. And they’re versatile, whether I plan to use them to keep the sun out of your eyes during a run, or style them with a pair of my favorite bike shorts (or both!). If you’re interested in trying the trend for yourself, I’ve handpicked a few stylish pairs that won’t make you look like the Terminator, below.

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